Workstations with multiple GPUs, while useful for research across the Allen School, are no longer allowed in Allen School data hosting facilities (machine rooms).

Researchers who are looking for a multiple-GPU solution should look, first, to the Hyak Cluster. If this does not meet their needs, please consider a rack-mounted server with multiple GPUs, though our strong preference is to, again, look to the Hyak Cluster first. Please reach out to support@cs for assistance with spec, pricing and options.

Should a workstation with multiple GPUs be the optimal solution for your research needs, please note that (a) you will be responsible for providing a location for the host in your office or research lab, and (b) prior consultation with CSE Support personnel regarding the location and the power requirements of the new host and the existing load in the location is required.

Existing workstations with multiple GPUs in Allen School server rooms will be removed as they are retired, and CSE Support personnel will actively work with researchers to rehome workstations currently in server rooms and in use, to offices and research labs. Workstations five years or older will be targeted for retirement.