overleaf logoAbout Overleaf

"Overleaf is an online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative writing and publishing tool that makes the whole process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents much quicker and easier."

The Allen School has centrally funded an Overleaf Commons agreement that provides Overleaf Pro+ accounts for all CSE faculty, PhD students and research staff.

Overleaf Commons Pro+ Account benefits include:
  • 20GB storage space on Overleaf, and up to 1,000 files per project
  • Unlimited private projects and collaborators
  • Full Version history, with restore checkpoints all along the way
  • Teaching Toolkit

NOTE: Allen School Undergraduate and Professional Masters students can still use Overleaf with the limited free tier privileges (1 collaborator, access to templates, etc).


Overleaf Pro+ accounts are available to all current Paul G. Allen School Computer Science & Engineering PhD students, research staff and faculty who register for an account with their UW email address (@uw.edu) at the following URL:



  • If you have a previously registered an Overleaf account with a personal email address*, you can associate your @uw.edu address under "Account Settings" in Overleaf to take advantage of the Pro+ benefits while your CSE affiliation remains active. Limit one registered Overleaf account per person.
  • Access to Overleaf Pro+ features are not ensured following graduation from the Allen School.

Things to Consider

  • Overleaf, like any other service (cloud or otherwise) DOES NOT guarantee 100% up time of their service. Therefore, you should always consider routinely backing up your work to a location other than the service itself (ie. if you're under submission deadline). The service itself has built in version control, but we strongly recommend using their git integration in your workflow such that you always have a local copy.
  • Although Overleaf provides a "Quick save to Dropbox" feature, we remind you that the University has no agreement with Dropbox. Use at your own peril.

Getting Started