Printing @ CSE

General printing in CSE is provided through shared printers located in special printer rooms on each floor and in most instructional labs. A few special use printers are also available.

Printers are classified into four groups:

  • instructional printers, located in labs and used for class assignments and educational projects;
  • research printers, available to faculty, staff and graduate students;
  • administrative printers, located in the main office and support areas; and
  • private printers, located in specific research labs and accessible only from a restricted set of machines.

All printers are PostScript compatible, and all can handle duplex (double-sided) printing.

Allen Center printer names start with the prefix ps or psc (for "PostScript" and for "PostScriptColor" respectively), and the suffix indicates the printer location. For example, ps381 is a monochrome Postscript printer in CSE 381; psc381 is a color printer located in the same room;

Gates Center printer names start with the prefix pg or pgc (for "PrinterGates" and for "PrinterGatesColor" respectively), and again the suffix indicates the printer location. pscLarge is the color PostScript printer for printing posters and banners (no duplex printing!) Printers are located in the Allen Center and the Gates Center.

Instructional Printers

Allen Center

  • ps002 Ricoh Aficio MP 301
  • ps003 Ricoh Aficio MP 301
  • ps006 Ricoh Aficio MP 301
  • ps022 Ricoh Aficio MP 301

Gates Center

Research Printers

Allen Center

Gates Center

Administrative printers

Allen Center

Gates Center

Document Scanner

Retrieve Document

Document Scanning

Allen Center

All desktop-style Ricoh MFDs in printer closets (CSE 241, 281, 341, 381, 441, 481, 541, 581 and 622) can be used to scan multi-page documents that are delivered to your email inbox as a pdf attachment. In addition to these Ricoh printers, the Allen Center also boasts two high-volume Xerox copiers, located in room AC103. These two machines, a D95CP Lite Production Device and an Altalink B8090H Multi-function Device, each offer a broad range of scanning features and are the most efficient option for large scanning jobs.

Gates Center

As in the Allen Center, all desktop-style Ricoh MFDs in printer closets (CSE2 110, 124, 224, 270, 324, 370, and 100) can be used to scan multi-page documents that are delivered to your email inbox as a pdf attachment. Additionally, the Gates Center also houses two slightly smaller, yet identical, Xerox Altalink B8075 Multi-function Devices that are equipped with the same scanning functionality and interface as the Altalink B8090 in the Allen Center. These two Xerox copiers are located in CSE2 166 and CSE2 341, respectively.

Login Requirements

In order to utilize the scanning feature on any Allen School device, a CSE NetID and password is required for login. This layer of security ensures reliable email delivery and allows network file access for the Scan-to-file service (known as "Workflow Scanning" on the smaller Xerox Altalink MFDs and "Network Scanning" on the large Xerox D95CP Lite Production device).

Scanning Types

  • Scan To E-mail will handle documents up to about 100 pages. For larger documents, we recommend that you split your document into several smaller batches.


  • Alternatively, you can use the Scan To File service, which does not have these limits, but which does require another step to retrieve your document, and requires prompt retrieval.


Loading Documents for Scanning

Each of the four Xerox devices located across the Allen Center and the Gates Center allow documents to be loaded in two different ways:1. Single-Pass Document Feeder

  • Loose-leaf, multi-page documents can be placed in the single-pass document feeder tray located on top of the machine
  • Documents loaded in the auto feeder must be in a good condition and free from staples and paper clips.
  • Pages should be loaded face-up, with the long edge toward the feeder.
  • There are document guides on the auto feeder which must be adjusted against the front and rear edges of the documents so copier knows the size of your document.

2. Platen Glass

  • Odd-sized documents (e.g., books) can be placed directly on the platen glass.
  • Documents should be placed face-downon the glass
  • Align the page with the upper left hand corner of the platen glass guidelines
  • Close the Document Glass Cover.

Features &amp Common Setting Considerations

  • Documents can be converted to tiff format instead of the default pdf
  • Image adjustments can be made to the original
  • Double-sided documents can be scanned with ease
  • Alll Xerox Devices and Ricoh MFDs will make color scans. **Please note that color settings may have to be manually changed from "black & white" (default on some of the devices) to "auto-detect" or "color".  Be sure to review your settings prior to scanning. 


Faxing is available in the Allen Center. Faxing out can be done on any of the Ricoh printers in the X41 printer closets, and requires you to log in.

  • Follow posted instructions for using the fax option
  • You must prepend the destination fax number with '9' (e.g. 9##########)

There is only one machine in the Allen Center that can receive faxes. It is on the first floor by CSE reception. Incoming faxes should be sent to 206-543-2969

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