Research Guest Accounts

"Research Guest" accounts are available for collaborators and visitors if their CSE account sponsor certifies that the user’s use of CSE's School facilities will be INSIGNIFICANT or NEGLIGIBLE. Specific criteria for a “Research Guest” accounts is as follows:

    a) Persons having guest accounts MUST NOT BE "CENTERED" IN CSE, and/or HAVE DEDICATED OFFICE SPACE (ie. been assigned a desk, or are operating more than 1 or 2 days a week in an Allen School research laboratory), nor do they have or manage dedicated computing facilities in the Allen School.

    b) Home directory disk usage for the guest (residing on a local CSE file server) must not exceed 25MB.

    c) Active CSE students, faculty, staff and hosted visiting researchers are not eligible for guest accounts

    d) Mail directed to a guest account at must be forwarded to an external, non-CSE email address (to be provided by the guest). The only exception to this is alumni or former department/school members who have pre-existing CSE Cloud email accounts.

Regular Research Accounts

"Regular Research" (or "Full-Use Research") accounts should be requested if the usage does not fit the criteria above. Such accounts are incur quarterly charges and are billed through school recharge procedures.

The application procedure for a guest account is the same as for a "full use" account.

Ready to sponsor an account?

Please submit a CSE computer account request.

Please also note:

  1. Guest accounts are not available on instructional systems.
  2. Guest accounts, or accounts converted to 'guest' status do not receive or retain personal home page hosting on the CSE home page server.
  3. A guest account and its email forwarding must be "problem-free". For example, we will remove guest accounts that have bad email forwarding addresses.