Web Content Creation Support

Content Creation Tool This tool is used to create "orthodox" content for the CSE web. AKA "content-tool.cgi". Also see CSE Web Page Authoring, which describes how to create and maintain standardized ("orthodox") CSE web pages and covers other related topics. (The content creation tool is just one part of the picture.)
W3C Link Checker This CGI script is just a copy of the one served from the World Wide Web Consortium site, but operates from www.cs.washington.edu and therefore can access some web documents that tools run from external sites cannot.
Link Sleuth Link Sleuth is a Win32 program that does a very fast and comprehensive verification of links in a web tree. This document explains how to install and use both Link Sleuth and a related tool that helps find "orphans."

About You

Unix Group Browser Answers the questions "what Unix groups [am I, is some other user] a member of?" without having to use the dreaded Unix command line to do it.
CSE Account Browser Answers the question "what computer accounts do I have?"
Who Wanted It? Answers the question "for recent accesses, what URLs made reference to this document?"

Status Reports

Display Print Queue A simple web interface to the standard Unix lpq(1) utility, which shows the status of queues for any of the department's printers. Why would you need this? One word: Windows.
Web Server Status We monitor the health of a variety of CSE servers, checking every twenty minutes. This tool offers a web view of that status data. CSE users may themselves add services to be monitored.
Host Info A web interface to CSE computer asset database that can be used to answer such questions as what machines run Irix 6.2? or who's on first?
Query That Server! Answer the question what web server are they running at site X?