What is Zoom?

Zoom is video conferencing software, used by many in the Allen School to hold meetings, and now, lectures, office hours, and other formerly-in-person discussions.

The University has secured Zoom Pro for all UW faculty, staff, and students. This allows you to host meetings of unlimited duration for conducting UW business. Instructors can conduct classes online using Zoom Pro, students can host study groups, and staff can conduct meetings with team members who are working remotely.

How do I use Zoom?

The University's Zoom Video Conferencing page is the best place to start working with this application.

Sean McNeil from the Foster School of Business, has put together three short videos that illustrate how to start and use Zoom for classes:

I have Zoom questions. Who can answer them?

The University has built a comprehensive Zoom FAQ which should answer most users' questions, and ask that users with additional questions reach out via e-mail.

Zoom Events

If you want to host or have questions about running a large event via Zoom or might have special Zoom needs, please contact the Allen School Video Production group here.

Zoom Supported Conference Rooms

A list of Allen Center and Gates Center rooms that have cameras and audio equipment that support remote and hybrid Zoom meetings/seminars can be found here.

CSE Courses and Zoom

Zoom and CSE course-related questions and requests, contact Support.

Tips and Tricks

  • Users cannot run more than one simultaneous Zoom session at a time.
  • If you're muted, you can hold down your space bar to talk, when you release the space bar, you will be re-muted.
  • Consider some basic security to avoid your session being hijacked (zoombombed):
    • Do not list the location of your Zoom room publicly (e.g., course website, course calendar).
    • Unless needed, do not allow non-hosts (e.g., students in your class), to screen-share.
  • Tired of the same background to your Zoom session?
    • Open Zoom.
    • Click "Preferences".
    • Select "Virtual Background".
    • Click the "×" button.
    • Upload any image you want.