Notkinfest 2013 dinner

On February 1 2013, more than 300 members of the UW CSE "extended family" joined in recognizing the contributions of David Notkin at Notkinfest.  The dinner program included three segments of brief "Notkin Stories" told by friends and family.

Stories from the first segment

[Hank Levy, Bill Griswold, Tao Xie, Judy Ramey, Charlie Carroll, Anne Condon, Martha Pollack, Gaetano Borriello, Bobby Schnabel]

Stories from the second segment

[Cathy Tuttle, Emma Notkin, Karen Stocker, Debbie Notkin, Ed Lazowska, Tracy Erbeck, Carla Ellis, Jonathan Aldrich, Mike Eisenberg]

Stories from the third segment

[Miryung Kim (by video), Matt O'Donnell, Tapan Parikh, John Zahorjan, Gail Alverson, Richard Ladner, Jean-Loup Baer, Dawn Lehman, Rachel Pottinger, David Notkin]

Complete information on Notkinfest here