Course Title: 
Database Management Systems
Course Brief Description: 

You will learn the fundamental concepts underlying database management systems.  As a side effect of this process you will have a level of understanding sufficient for (i)  database administration of relational, object-oriented, or other database management systems and (ii) implementation of certain aspects of a DBMS.  Specific goals include:

1.  to understand and be able to use the E/R, relational, and object-oriented logical data models to design a database
2.  to effectively manage and use multi-user commercial relational and  object-oriented database management systems
3.  to understand the tradeoffs involved in various choices for physical data organization
4. to learn the phases of relational query processing
5.  to understand the techniques and tradeoffs involved in implementing a multi-user DBMS
6.  to understand the structural and linguistic limitations of  relational DBMSs
7.  to be able to apply goals 1-6 to evaluate the quality and suitability of a particular DBMS
8.  to be able to apply goals 1-6 to the implementation and organization of a DBMS

No prior database knowledge is required for this course.  You all bring different perspectives and experiences to this course, and it is my hope and expectataion that you will enrich the classroom environment by sharing your views with us appropriately.  Please do not be shy in offering your opinions, questions, or answers.  I of course reserve the right to keep the discussion on track.

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Scott Vandenberg
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CSE 594
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