TitleCollaborative Problem-Solving Technologies: A Taxonomy of Issues
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTanimoto SL, Fan SB
Date or Month PublishedOctober
Keywordscollaboration, human-centric computing, problem solving, taxonomy
AbstractThis paper defines several types of systems and technologies that support humans in solving complex problems, and it then presents a set of issues relevant to the design of these systems. The issues include how to structure workflows, crowdsourcing, autonomous agents, education and training, version control, collaboration and problem formulation processes. The aim of the paper is to facilitate discussion and future research in the design of effective systems to help humans solve difficult problems, particularly those involving global challenges such as climate change, world poverty, nuclear weapons proliferation, and fake news.
NotesProc. of the Workshop on Designing Technologies to Support Human Problem Solving, Lisbon Portugal, 2018.
Citation Key14944