TitleThe Creativity Game: A Game for Teaching First Steps of Theoretical Creativity
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsTanimoto S, Inie N
Conference NameACM Creativity & Cognition 2023
Date or Month PublishedJune
PublisherAssociation for Computing Machinery
Conference LocationGathertown (Online)
Keywordsaesthetic measure, Boden, creativity, creativity game, creativity theory, Czikszentmihalyi, educational game, game, graphic design, novelty measure, state-space search, value measure
AbstractCreativity is often highlighted as one of the most relevant competencies or skills of the 21st century. Teaching about theoretical underpinnings of creativity has therefore become relevant in numerous fields, from computer science to business management. If we consider creativity as a literacy, like writing or programming, it is important that people from different backgrounds can learn about the basic creativity concepts and how these might be manifested in practice. This article presents the design rationale of The Creativity Game, a simple online game intended to teach the player about some of the very basic properties or concepts in creativity theory: exploration, value, novelty, constraints, and transformation. The Creativity Game is a prototype presented here to spark conversation about how we teach creativity theory in a tangible way.
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