TitleDesign Studies for Stylus and Finger-Based Interaction in Writing Instruction on Tablets
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsThompson R, Tanimoto S, Berninger V, Nagy W
Conference NameWorkshop on the Impact of Pen and Touch Technologies in Education
Date or Month PublishedApril
Conference LocationRedmond WA, USA
AbstractFirst we describe new instructional software, for the essentials of writing, that runs on tablets. In trials with an after-school K-12 subject group, the use of the software improved writing capabilities of most students. Part of the student activity supported by the software involves students drawing letter shapes by tracing paths through scaffolded channels. Second, we detail the design studies we performed prior to implementing the full software package. Here we focus on how software can provide graphical feedback to students in the context of a stylus and touch-based interface for the basic educational activity of learning to write letters of the alphabet.
Citation Key12196