TitleFrenzy: Collaborative Data Organization for Creating Conference Sessions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsChilton LB, Cordeiro F, Weld DS, Landay J
Conference NameCHI 2014
Date or Month PublishedApril
Conference LocationToronto, Canada
AbstractOrganizing conference sessions around themes improves the experience for attendees. However, the session creation process can be difficult and time-consuming due to the amount of expertise and effort required to consider alternative paper groupings. We present a collaborative web application called Frenzy to draw on the efforts and knowledge of an entire program committee. Frenzy comprises (a) inter-faces to support large numbers of experts working collectively to create sessions, and (b) a two-stage process that decomposes the session-creation problem into meta-data elicitation and global constraint satisfaction. Meta-data elicitation involves a large group of experts working simultaneously, while global constraint satisfaction involves a smaller group that uses the meta-data to form sessions. We evaluated Frenzy with 48 people during a deployment at the CSCW 2014 program committee meeting. The session making process was much faster than the traditional process, taking 88 minutes instead of a full day. We found that meta-data elicitation was useful for session creation. Moreover, the sessions created by Frenzy were the basis of the CSCW 2014 schedule.
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Month of PublicationApril
Citation Key10183