TitleGP-BayesFilters: Bayesian Filtering Using Gaussian Process Prediction and Observation Models
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKo J, Fox D
JournalAutonomous Robots

<p>Bayesian filtering is a general framework for recursively estimating the state of a dynamical system. Key components of each Bayes filter are probabilistic prediction and observation models. This paper shows how non-parametric Gaussian process (GP) regression can be used for learning such models from training data. We also show how Gaussian process models can be integrated into different versions of Bayes filters, namely particle filters and extended and unscented Kalman filters. The resulting GP-BayesFilters can have several advantages over standard (parametric) filters. Most importantly, GP-BayesFilters do not require an accurate, parametric model of the system. Given enough training data, they enable improved tracking accuracy compared to parametric models, and they degrade gracefully with increased model uncertainty. These advantages stem from the fact that GPs consider both the noise in the system and the uncertainty in the model. If an approximate parametric model is available, it can be incorporated into the GP, resulting in further performance improvements. In experiments, we show different properties of GP-BayesFilters using data collected with an autonomous micro-blimp as well as synthetic data.</p>


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