TitleThe Interactive Museum Tour-Guide Robot
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBurgard W, Cremers A  B, Fox D, Hähnel D, Lakemeyer G, Schulz D, Steiner W, Thrun S
Conference NameAAAI

This paper describes the software architecture of an autonomous tour-guide/tutor robot. This robot was recently deployed in the ``Deutsches Museum Bonn,'' were it guided hundreds of visitors through the museum during a six-day deployment period. The robot's control software integrates low-level probabilistic reasoning with high-level problem solving embedded in first order logic. A collection of software innovations, described in this paper, enabled the robot to navigate at high speeds through dense crowds, while reliably avoiding collisions with obstacles–-some of which could not even be sensed. Also described in this paper is a user interface tailored towards non-expert users, which we believe was essential for the robot's success in the museum. Based on these results, this paper argues that time is ripe for the development of AI-based commercial service robots that assist people in everyday life.

NotesAAAI 1998 Outstanding Paper Award, AAAI 2016 Classic Paper Award
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