TitleMining temporal invariants from partially ordered logs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBeschastnikh I, Brun Y, Ernst MD, Krishnamurthy A, Anderson TE
JournalSIGOPS Operating Systems Review
Date or Month PublishedDecember
AbstractA common assumption made in log analysis research is that the underlying log is totally ordered. For concurrent systems, this assumption constrains the generated log to either exclude concurrency altogether, or to capture a particular interleaving of concurrent events. This paper argues that capturing concurrency as a partial order is useful and often indispensable for answering important questions about concurrent systems. To this end, we motivate a family of event ordering invariants over partially ordered event traces, give three algorithms for mining these invariants from logs, and evaluate their scalability on simulated distributed system logs.
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Citation KeyBeschastnikhBEKA2011:OSR