TitleA practical, decision-theoretic approach to multi-robot mapping and exploration
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKo J, Stewart B, Fox D, Konolige K, Limketkai B
Conference NameIROS

<p>An important assumption underlying virtually all approaches to multi-robot exploration is prior knowledge about their relative locations. This is due to the fact that robots need to merge their maps so as to coordinate their exploration strategies. The key step in map merging is to estimate the relative locations of the individual robots. This paper presents a novel approach to multi-robot map merging under global uncertainty about the robot's relative locations. Our approach uses an adapted version of particle filters to estimate the position of one robot in the other robot's partial map. The risk of false-positive map matches is avoided by verifying match hypotheses using a rendezvous approach. We show how to seamlessly integrate this approach into a decision-theoretic multi-robot coordination strategy. The experiments show that our sample-based technique can reliably find good hypotheses for map matches. Furthermore, we present results obtained with two robots successfully merging their maps using the decision-theoretic rendezvous strategy.</p>


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