TitleA Real-Time Algorithm for Mobile Robot Mapping With Applications to Multi-Robot and 3D Mapping
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsThrun S, Burgard W, Fox D
Conference NameICRA

We present an incremental method for concurrent mapping and localization for mobile robots equipped with 2D laser range finders. The approach uses a fast implementation of scan-matching for mapping, paired with a sample-based probabilistic method for localization. Compact 3D maps are generated using a multi-resolution approach adopted from the computer graphics literature, fed by data from a dual laser system. Our approach build 3D maps of large, cyclic environments in real-time. It is remarkably robust. Experimental results illustrate that accurate maps of large, cyclic environments can be generated even in the absence of any odometric data.

NotesBest Paper Award
Downloadshttp://www.cs.washington.edu/ai/Mobile_Robotics/postscripts/multi-mappin... PS
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