TitleReinforcement Learning for Sensing Strategies
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsKwok CT, Fox D
Conference NameIROS

<p>Since sensors have limited range and coverage, mobile robots often have to make decisions on where to point their sensors. A good sensing strategy allows a robot to collect information that is useful for its tasks. Most existing solutions to this <em> active sensing</em> problem choose the direction that maximally reduces the uncertainty in a single state variable. In more complex problem domains, however, uncertainties exist in multiple state variables, and they affect the performance of the robot in different ways. The robot thus needs to have more sophisticated sensing strategies in order to decide which uncertainties to reduce, and to make the correct trade-offs. In this work, we apply a least squares reinforcement learning method to solve this problem. We implemented and tested the learning approach in the RoboCup domain, where the robot attempts to reach a ball and accurately kick it into the goal. We present experimental results that suggest our approach is able to learn highly effective sensing strategies.</p>


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Citation KeyKwo04Rei