TitleUnifying FSM-inference algorithms through declarative specification
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBeschastnikh I, Brun Y, Abrahamson J, Ernst MD, Krishnamurthy A
Date or Month PublishedAugust
AbstractLogging system behavior is a staple development practice. Numerous powerful model inference algorithms have been proposed to aid developers in log analysis and system understanding. Unfortunately, existing algorithms are difficult to understand, extend, and compare. This paper presents InvariMint, an approach to specify model inference algorithms declaratively. We apply InvariMint to two model inference algorithms and present evaluation results to illustrate that InvariMint (1) leads to new fundamental insights and better understanding of existing algorithms, (2) simplifies creation of new algorithms, including hybrids that extend existing algorithms, and (3) makes it easy to compare and contrast previously published algorithms. Finally, InvariMint's declarative approach can outperform equivalent procedural algorithms.
Citation KeyBeschastnikhBAEK2012