TitleVoronoi Tracking: Location Estimation Using Sparse and Noisy Sensor Data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsLiao L, Fox D, Hightower J, Kautz H, Schulz D
Conference NameIROS

<p>Tracking the activity of people in indoor environments has gained considerable attention in the robotics community over the last years. Most of the existing approaches are based on sensors which allow to accurately determine the locations of people but do not provide means to distinguish between different persons. In this paper we propose a novel approach to tracking moving objects and their identity using noisy, sparse information collected by id-sensors such as infrared and ultrasound badge systems. The key idea of our approach is to use particle filters to estimate the locations of people on the Voronoi graph of the environment. By restricting particles to a graph, we make use of the inherent structure of indoor environments. The approach has two key advantages. First, it is by far more efficient and robust than unconstrained particle filters. Second, the Voronoi graph provides a natural discretization of human motion, which allows us to apply unsupervised learning techniques to derive typical motion patterns of the people in the environment. Experiments using a robot to collect ground-truth data indicate the superior performance of Voronoi tracking. Furthermore, we demonstrate that EM-based learning of behavior patterns increases the tracking performance and provides valuable information for high-level behavior recognition.</p>


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