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Requesting reports by mail

Hardcopies of technical reports which are not available on-line may be requested via electronic mail. Send requests to: tr-request Orders will be filled via surface mail, subject to availability. Please be sure to include a complete postal mailing address with your request.

A legal note

Permission is granted at this time for the operations and uses listed below. However, this permission is non-transferable and is subject to revocation on a report-by-report basis, due to possible copyright transfers that are normal in the publication process. Any additional copyright restrictions are noted in the reports themselves. Default permissions are for anonymous ftp, electronic viewing, and single-copy printing. Permissible uses are research and browsing. Specifically prohibited are sales of any copy, whether electronic or hardcopy, of any of these reports for any purpose. Also prohibited is copying, excerpting or extensive quoting of any report in another work without the written permission of one of the report's authors.

Report naming conventions

File names in this directory consist of the prefix "UW-CSE" followed by the Technical Report Number, and finally a suffix indicating the file format. Technical report numbers consist of three numbers, the left-most representing the year, followed by the month of release.