Wilma Bradley is a special friend of the University of Washington. Wilma first became interested in Computer Science & Engineering after attending the UW Annual Faculty Lecture given by CSE Professor Ed Lazowska in 1996. After several years of supporting CSE Ph.D. students (and regularly attending their thesis defenses!), she established this fellowship in 2007.

Wilma was married to Warren Francis “Frank” Bradley. Bradley led a varied career in the U.S. Army for over 20 years. He was a member of the general staff, serving in Korea, and participated as an Army observer with the U.S. Navy expedition to the South Pole in preparation for the Geophysical Year. The Bradleys met in Europe when both were working for NATO, she as an interpreter for the American forces in Germany, and he as a liaison officer. Upon his retirement in Seattle in 1964, the Bradleys became involved in real estate investment and property management. Frank Bradley passed away in 1966.

Wilma continues to actively manage her investments, maintaining an avid interest in the stock market, and these efforts have made this and other gifts possible. In addition, she volunteers for UNICEF, is a patron of the arts, is involved in several local clubs, and has continued a keen pursuit of knowledge through attendance at many University functions. She maintains an active interest in the teaching and research of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering along with its students and faculty.

Year Awardee
2013-2014Qiao Zhang
2014-2015Xin Rui Nancy Wang
2015-2016Annie Ross
2016-2017Eunice Jun
2017-2018Christine Chen
2018-2019Amanda Baughan
2019-2020Kelly Mack
2020-2021Jonathan Hayase