This endowment, established in 1995, is the result of contributions from Hellmut Golde and other faculty plus matching funds from the UW Fellowship Fund and the Microsoft Challenge.

Year Awardee
1995-96Gail Murphy
1996-97Jim Fix
1997-98Craig Kaplan
1998-99Todd Millstein
1999-2000Sean Sandys
2000-2001Adam Carlson
2001-2002Isaac Kunen
2002-2003Ken Yasuhara
2003-2004Tammy VanDeGrift
2004-2005Don Patterson
2005-2006Lin Liao
2006-2007Timothy Scott Saponas
2007-2008Craig Prince
2008-2009Michael Piatek
2009-2010Not awarded
2010-2011Not awarded
2011-2012Not awarded
2012-2013Camille Cobb
2013-2014Not awarded
2014-2015Jay Garlapati
2015-2016Christopher Xie
2016-2017Not awarded
2017-2018Christine Geeng
2018-2019Matt Whitehill
2019-2020Raymond Fok
2020-2021Rock Pang
2021-2022Gian Marco Visani
2022-2023Daniel Kim
2023-2024Zixian Ma
2024-2025Tangqi Fang