Glerum Family

This endowment was established in 2008 to help graduate students with financial need in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) fund the cost of attending the University of Washington. The fund is named for the donors, Melissa and Kirk Glerum.

Melissa received her bachelors degree in computer science from Brown University. Kirk received his bachelors degree in computer science from the University of Washington. Their educations at the UW prepared them for highly successful careers at Microsoft. Through the Glerum Family Endowed Fellowship in Computer Science & Engineering, they hope to make educational opportunity available to future generations of students.


Year Awardee
2013-2014Luheng He
2014-2018Not awarded
2018-2019Xin Liu
2019-2021Not awarded
2021-2022Not awarded
2022-2023Not awarded
2023-2024Hamish Ivison