Shun-Tak LeungShun-Tak Leung graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the UW in 1996. Throughout his journey from Hong Kong to the UW to Silicon Valley, he always remembers his advisor, John Zahorjan, for his advice, support, and constant encouragement, and Ed Lazowska for his contagious enthusiasm and help during his early career. Shun-Tak Leung wishes to give back in some small way for so much that he has received. He hopes beneficiaries of this fellowship will in time become benefactors and stay faithful to their stewardship of their own talents and opportunities.

Year Awardee
2007-2008Brandon Lucia
2008-2009Hao Du
2009-2010Sidhant Gupta
2010-2011Not awarded
2011-2012Ezgi Mercan
2012-2013Daniel Yang Li
2013-2014Douglas Woos
2014-2015Alireza Rezaei
2015-2016Not awarded
2016-2017Tongshang Wu
2017-2018Beibin Li
2018-2019Jialin Li
2019-2020Amal Nanavati
2020-2021Kyle Deeds
2021-2022Darya Verzhbinsky
2022-2023Bowei Chen
2023-2024Patrick Yu
2024-2025Megan Frisella