Welcome to the Allen School Care Committee. Graduate school is stressful and full of ups and downs. The Care Committee is a group of graduate student volunteers who provide a default support network to other Allen School graduate students as they make their way through courses, research, and life.

Committee members

  • Co-chairs : Audrey Seo and Alisa Liu

  • Care Basket Chair: Miranda Wei

  • Website Chair: Stefania Druga

  • Peer Support Hours Chair: Aashaka Desai

What We Do 
Care Baskets

If you or a PhD student you know could use a little pick-me-up: we provide baskets free of charge with nonperishable food snacks and other items to help get you through a stressful time. Use this form to request a care basket!

Masked Walks 

Masked walks are weekly opportunities for people to socialize and also enjoy the city of Seattle safely! Masked walks are held weekly on the UW Seattle campus, Capitol Hill, and Wallingford. If you’re interested in joining a walk in any of these places, or want to hold your own walk in your neighborhood, join the #masked-walks channel on the UW CSE slack!

Peer Support Hours

If you just want someone to talk to who understands what it's like to be in graduate school or get advice on finding resources, come to our support hours. These meetings are completely confidential and private. We are still determining how this will be done during the Spring quarter. 

Finding Professional Resources

If you need help finding a doctor or specialist that is in network, see our upcoming help guide. If you don't know what in network means and want help navigating the GAIP health care system, see this health insurance help guide.

Contact Us