Changes to VMWare Academic Program for UW Seattle Campus

As of December 2022, the hosting provider for the VMWare Academic Program software distribution portal (Kivuto) is no longer contracted with VMWare to distribute their software. Our former campus agreement, that made these VMWare products available to UW Seattle Campus students, faculty and staff, ended abruptly and with little notice.

There is no longer an option for a campus-wide agreement as far as we know. Campus units are encouraged to apply for their own VMWare Academic Program (VMAP) to continue accessing the benefits of this program, through a new hosting provider called D2L Brightspace.

More details on how to apply for the VMAP can be found here:

We are sorry to have to relay this unfortunate change.

Allen School IT

Looking for VMware Workstation Player and VMware Fusion Player?

Customers seeking either of these applications may download them, at no cost, directly from VMware's web site. They are free for personal use. The Macintosh software requires the customer to create an account at; the account is free, and easy to set up.