This is the main index to a CSE-written software suite called GrpAdmin. It allows user-level management of group memberships. The software is intended to make group administration and maintenance less burdensome on technical staff while improving user satisfaction. Already familiar with the sevice and just looking for the link? You'll FIND IT HERE.


An explanation of why GrpAdmin was developed along with the rules of the game.

User's Guide

Installation and Operations Manual

Manual Pages

  • grpadmin
    Command line interface to group management. This document contains a description of group administration operation semantics and should be read even if you do not plan on using the grpadmin CLI.
  • xgrpadmin
    X-Windows interface to group management.
  • chgrpsh
    Unix program allowing access to extended number of group memberships.

Technical Papers

Web Interface

Having read all the documentation, it's for sure you can't wait to start doing all the groupy things that you want to do. Start here.