The Allen Center contains 7 general conference room, 2 seminar-type rooms and 2 specialty conference rooms. Each conference room typically contains a projector, screen, speakers and a teleconference phone. Equipment details are listed below with each room.

Small Conference Rooms
CSE110, CSE128, CSE624, CSE674, CSE 678

Capacity: 10

  • Projector: The NEC projector can display a maximum resolution of 1600x1200. The VGA input is in one of boxes inset in the table (usually closest to the projector). It is powered on and off using the remote located somewhere in the room. NOTE: The CFL lights that are in the room occasionally interfere with the IR remote. If you are having problems turning the projector on/off, try turning off all the lights.
  • Screen: These rooms have a manual screen so they are lowered and raised using the attached string. To lower the screen, pull the string to the desired height and let go. The screen will raise slightly as it finds the next lock. To lengthen the height just pull the string down again. To raise the screen or shorten the height, pull the string down slightly and raise it to the desired height or let it go all the way to the screen enclosure.
  • Teleconference Phone: Each room contains a Polycom teleconference phone. Speakers and microphones are built into the unit and can cover the entire room. The phone will either be plugged into the green telecom jack in the table or it will be directly plugged into its power supply. This jack and/or cable is powered so the phone will not work in any other jack. Plugging it elsewhere may cause damage to the unit. DO NOT plug your computer into this jack as it will damage the power supply and may damage your computer as well.
  • Teleconferencing: You are able to make a connection of up to three parties (including yourself) using these teleconference phones. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

    If you need more than three parties, you'll have to use an external conferencing service. UW-IT provides several options at a modest price. Info can be found here.

Large Conference Rooms
CSE203, CSE303, CSE503

The large conference rooms contain the same equipment as the small rooms but come with a motorized projector screen. The screen is controlled by a button panel to the left of the screen (usually along the wall). In addition, CSE 303 has a video conference unit.

Capacity: 16-21

Seminar Rooms
CSE305, CSE403

CSE 305
This room is primarily the PMP distance education classroom and reservation is restricted. Priority is given to the PMP classes including setup, testing and other preparation and development activities. PMP Support reserves the right to cancel reservations with little or no advance warning if it's necessary to ensure that a PMP class will not be adversely impacted.

Capacity: 38

Room Equipment Include:

  • 3 projectors/projector screens - 2 in front of the class and one in the rear
  • 4 cameras - 2 front, 2 rear (always active)
  • Room microphones (always active)
  • 4 speakers (always active - not adjustable from main classroom)
  • Motorized podium that contains the remote, VGA and audio input for a laptop and power
The room is also capable of handling seminar type video conferences using ConferenceXP and AccessGrid as well as being part of the Intel video conferencing network. If you are in need of one of these services, please contact avdm.

CSE 403
This is the Allen Center primary seminar room. It contains a podium and 30 deskchairs instead of a conference table and chairs.

Capacity: 30

The A/V equipment is the same as the large conference rooms but the laptop VGA and audio input is located in the front podium.

Special Facility
CSE 691 (Bill and Melinda Gates Commons)