General access to the 'CSE-Local' (SSID) Wireless Network has been restricted as of June 2018.
For more details about this change, please visit:


The Allen School physical network is intended solely for research and instructional need in Computer Science and Engineering, and is restricted to use by faculty, staff, and students in the Allen School. Access to the UW-wide wireless network ('UniversityofWashington' SSID) is available in the Paul G. Allen Center, Sieg Hall, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Center building. CSE also maintains a private limited wireless network for specialized research only, access to which is granted by request.

Register your device for University of Washington wireless access

Although most devices will redirect your browser to authenticate and register, you can opt to manually register (or manage existing registrations) via the following UW IT URL:

Register your device for Eduroam wireless access

The eduroam onboarding is handled by SecureW2 who is a trusted 3rd party vendor. Their JoinNow onboarding tool has been customized for UW and will configure your device for eduroam access.

The JoinNow onboarding web interface detects and provides a configuration download file for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Linux and several other compatible devices. If your device is not correctly detected, click on the “Select your device” box and make the appropriate choice from the list. Advanced users can choose “Unknown” for manual configuration settings.

Clicking on the “JoinNow” button in the middle of the page will start a download of the onboarding agent for your device. After that it’s as easy as following the prompts.

To get online with eduroam, visit the University of Washington onboarding site powered by SecureW2 at

About UW wireless network

For more information on UW's WiFi service, please visit:

UW WiFi access for visitors

Please see:

About Eduroam wireless network

For more information on UW's WiFi service, please visit:

Connecting your device to the wired CSE network

Connection of computing devices to the School's wired network requires prior registration. To start the process, please complete this form. If UW-owned (vs. a personal device), you will need to provide the tag number before we can set up networking for the device.

The UW MPSK Wi-Fi Network

The UW MPSK network is an encrypted Wi-Fi network available at the UW using private IP address space and is available at UW Campuses, UW Facilities and soon at UW Medical Centers. It is the recommended Wi-Fi connection method for IoT Devices, TVs or game consoles that require a Pre-Shared Key Wi-Fi network. For more information, see the UW MPSK page.

Appropriate Use of UW and CSE Networks

The University of Washington has guidelines for appropriate use of its computer networks and resources, and you are agreeing to abide by them as a condition of your connection to the UW or CSE networks.

The department does not allow private routers serving unrestricted DHCP to be connected to the CSE network. If you have questions about connecting such a device to the CSE network, please contact CSE Support.

Taking over the identity of any department machine, or unplugging a department machine in order to connect your personal device is forbidden.

Need Help with UW WiFi?

If you have connection issues with the UW wireless network, please contact UW IT Connect.

Need Help with Allen School wired network?

If you have connection issues with the CSE wired network, please contact CSE Support in person in room 207, or via e-mail to