CSE 592
Areas of interest: 

Distributed systems, networks, operating systems, and security

Current PhD Students

  • Tapan Chugh (co-advised with Ratul)
  • Jaehong Min
  • Chenxingyu Zhao
  • Weixin Deng (co-advised with Ratul)
  • Liangyu Zhao (co-advised with Ratul)
  • Xiangfeng Zhu (co-advised with Ratul)
  • Wei Shen (co-advised with Ratul)
  • Kan Zhu (co-advised with Baris)

Former Advisees

I have also had a great time working with other people’s students, including Roxana Geambasu and Lucian Popa, and some of the smartest UW undergrads, including Justine Sherry, Amit Levy, Hardeep Uppal, Dane Brandon, Mary Pimenova, Ashoat Tevosyan, Vjeko Brajkovic.