CSE 592
Areas of interest: 

Distributed systems, networks, operating systems, and security

I work with a number of exceptional graduate students and postdocs at UW.

Current PhD Students

  • Adriana Szekeres (joining VMware Research in Fall 2020)
  • Ming Liu (starting as Asst. Prof. at UW-Madison in 2021)
  • Yuchen Jin (Internet systems, ML systems)
  • Kaiyuan Zhang (middleboxes)
  • Lequn Chen (ML systems)
  • Tianyi Cui (datacenter networks)
  • Henry Schuh (distributed systems)
  • Tapan Chugh (distributed systems, ML systems)
  • Xieyang Xu (verification)

Graduated PhD Students/Postdocs

I have also had a great time working with other people’s students, including Roxana Geambasu and Lucian Popa, and some of the smartest UW undergrads, including Justine Sherry, Amit Levy, Hardeep Uppal, Dane Brandon, Mary Pimenova, Ashoat Tevosyan, Vjeko Brajkovic.