Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.
-- Gail Godwin


Current Post-docs

Current Students

Graduated PhD Students

Graduated MS Students

  • Janara Christensen (Co-advised with Stephen Soderland). Semantic Role Labeling for Open Information Extraction (2010). Continuing in the PhD program.
  • Bo Qin (Co-advised with Stephen Soderland). Readability Classifier for Natural Language Text (2010).
  • Andrey Kolobov (Co-advised with Dan Weld). ReTrASE: Unifying Two Paradigms for Approximate Probabilistic Planning (2009). Continuing in the PhD program.
  • Jiun-Hung Chen (Co-advised with Dan Weld). Naive-Bayes POMDPs (2005). Continuing in the PhD program.

Graduated Undergrad Students

  • Brendan Roof (Co-advised with Stephen Soderland). Finding and Applying Relational Nouns (2010). Google Inc.
  • Benjamin Lee. Extending PanDictionary (2009). Google Inc.
  • Michael Skinner (Co-advised with Stephen Soderland). Compiling a Panlingual Dictionary (2008). Google Inc.