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Areas of interest: System security, streaming media multicast distribution techniques, distributed real-time rendering, performance evaluation, multi-media applications

The Mighty Ratfish

  • createcal

    createcal is a tool for creating and maintaining calendars for individual courses. It produces both html and iCal calendar versions. Unlike other calendar systems, lecture topics can be inserted or deleted with minimum effort - you don't have to edit the topic of every remaining lecture if you fall behind from the initial plan.


    A slightly customizable C (or Java or C#) source to HTML colorizer. Built to simplify posting sample code in an introductory programming course where we use MSVC++. (So, default colorization mimics default MSVC editor colorizing.)

  • SMOK / Cebollita (with Ben Dugan)

    SMOK is a general purpose machine organization simulator for teaching Computer Architecture. SMOK provides a Windows GUI that allows construction and simulation of machine organizations at the level of the diagrams in the Patterson and Hennessy text.

    Cebollita is a "full system" project - a machine ISA based on the MIPS process (to be implemented in SMOK), a simple OS, a shell, a loader, a linker, and a compiler (for a language that is a subset of C). Cebollita exposes the full set of interactions among the components that together create a system, and allows projects that involve tradeoffs at all these levels.