All Scholarship and Award Recipients

National Awards

Alisa Liu (2022)
Jerry Cao (2022)
Lucy Jiang (2022)
Millicent Li (2022)
Joseph Schafer (2022)
Parker Ruth (2021)
Kimberly Ruth (2020)
Nelson Liu (2019)
Darby Losey (2017)
Michael Lam (2014)
Jerry Li (2014)
Grace Muzny (2014)
Laure Thompson (2014)
Sam Hopkins (2013)
David Colmenares (2013)
Gabriel Pratt (2013)
Ada Zhang (2013)
Milda Zizyte (2012)
Dustin Richmond (2012)
Leilani Battle (2012)
Colin Scott (2012)
Will Johnson (2011)
Heather Underwood (2011)
Annie Liu (2008)
Gabriel Maganis (2008)
Kurtis Heimerl (2008)

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Krittika D'Silva, 2016 Rhodes Scholar Finalist
Pavan Vaswani, 2009 Rhodes Scholar Finalist
Erin Earl,
2004 Rhodes Scholar Nominee
Emma Brunskill, 2001 Rhodes Scholar
Hakim Weatherspoon, 2001 Rhodes Scholar Nominee

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Alex Mallen, 2022 Goldwater Scholar  
Parker Ruth, 2020 Goldwater Scholar  
Nelson Liu, 2018 Goldwater Scholar  
Andrew Luo, 2018 Goldwater Scholar Finalist
Kimberly Ruth, 2018 Goldwater Scholar
Austin Stromme, 2016 Goldwater Scholar  
Raymond Zhang, 2012 Goldwater Scholar
Mark Bun, 2011 Goldwater Scholar 
Julia Moore, 2008 Goldwater Scholar 
Kathy Wei, 2008 Goldwater Scholar
Julia Schwarz, 
2007 Goldwater Scholar
Pavan Vaswani, 2007 Goldwater Scholar 
Eliana Hechter
, 2004 Goldwater Scholar
Jonathan Su, 2004 Goldwater Scholar
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Pavan Vaswani, 2009 Marshall Scholar Finalist
Jonathan Su,
2006 Marshall Scholar Nominee
Erin Earl, 2004 Marshall Scholar Nominee

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Jasper Hugunin, 2016 Putnam Honorable Mention
William Johnson, 2009 Putnam Fellow
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Krittika D'Silva, 2016 Gates Cambridge Scholar
Jonathan Su, 2006 Gates Cambridge Scholar Nominee
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Jenny Yuen, 2005 Google Anita Borg Scholar

To find out more visit the Google Anita Borg Scholarship page.

University of Washington Medals

Each year, the University of Washington awards three "high scholarship" medals to the highest-performing freshman, sophomore, and junior at the UW. The President's Medal is awarded annually to the top student in UW's 7500+ graduating class.

Nuria Alina Chandra, 2020 Freshman Medalist
Louis Patsawee Maliyam, 2020 President's Medalist
Louis Patsawee Maliyam, 2019 Sophomore Medalist
Hannah Werbel, 2016 Freshman Medalist
Eric Lei, 2012 Junior Medalist
Melissa Winstanley,
2012 President's Medalist
Eric Lei,
2011 Freshman Medalist
Gracie Ingermanson, 
2010 Sophomore Medalist
Jennifer Kang,
2010 Freshman Medalist
Krysta Yousoufian, 2010 Junior Medalist
William Johnson,
2009 Junior Medalist
Mark Bun
, 2009 Sophomore Medalist
Pavan Vaswani, 2009 President's Medalist
Pavan Vaswani,
2008 Junior Medalist
Ting-You Wang,
2007 Junior Medalist
Pavan Vaswani,
2007 Sophomore Medalist
Kobi Reiter,
2005 Sophomore Medalist
Julia Schwarz,
2005 Freshman Medalist
Michelle Goodstein,
2002 Sophomore Medalist
Dan Bjorkegren,
2002 Freshman Medalist
Chris Twigg,
2000 Sophomore Medalist
Thomas Carlson,
2000 Junior Medalist
Zhenya Sigal,
1995 Freshman Medalist
Samson Chung, 1990 Sophomore Medalist
Bruce Forstall,1988 Junior Medalist

The Dean’s Medal recognizes the top student in the College of Engineering and each of the College of Arts & Science's four divisions—arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences—based on grade point average, difficulty of courses taken, and recommendations from the student’s department.

Isaiah Lemmon, 2022 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Science & Chemical Engineering)
Parker Ruth, 2021 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Engineering & Bioengineering)
Kimberly Ruth, 2020 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Engineering & Mathematics)
Hannah Werbel, 2019 Dean's Medalist in the Natural Sciences (Computer Science)
Kaitlyn Zhou, 2018 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Engineering & Human Centered Design & Engineering)
Samuel Hopkins, 2013 Dean's Medalist in the Natural Sciences (Computer Science & Mathematics)
Raymond Zhang, 2013 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Engineering and Biology)
William Johnson, 2011 Dean's Medalist in the Natural Sciences (Computer Science & Math)
Eric Arendt, 2010 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
Kathy Wei,
2009 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Bioengineering & Computer Science)
Pavan Vaswani,
2009 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences (Computer Science, Neurobiology & Biochemistry)
Chester Chan,
2007 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Jonathan Su,
2006 Dean's Medalist in Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Terri Moore,
2004 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences (Computer Science & Math)
Erin Earl, 2003 Dean's Medalist in the Arts (Computer Science & Music)
Thomas Carlson, 2002 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences (Computer Science, Math, & English)
Corin Anderson, 1996 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences (Computer Science & Math)
Vitaly Schmatikov, 1994 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences (Computer Science & Math)
Eka Ginting, 1991 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences (Computer Science & Economics)
Samuel Broda, 1986 Dean's Medalist in the Sciences

CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers Award

Joy He Yueya, 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Winner
Ximing Lu, 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Runner Up
Parker Ruth, 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalists
Jenny Liang, 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Kimberly Ruth, 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Winner
Parker Ruth, 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Mohammad Kayali, 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Xinyi Wang, 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Nelson Liu, 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Kimberly Ruth, 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Pathirat Kosakanchit, 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Rowan Phipps, 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Kimberly Ruth, 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Preston Jiang, 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Deric Pang2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Christopher Macki2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Nathaniel Yazdani2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Sarah Yu2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Krittika D'Silva, 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Darby Losey, 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Daryl Zuniga, 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Brett Boston, 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Runner-Up
Saloni Parikh, 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
KimYen Truong, 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Martina Unutzer, 2014 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention   
Matthew Bryan
, 2013 Outstanding Undergraduate Winner 
Kevin Clark
, 2013 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention 
Grace Muzny, 2013 Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Matthew Bryan, 2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Hilary Worden, 2012 Honorable Mention
Stephanie Dietzel, 2012 Honorable Mention
Elliott Brossard, 2012 Honorable Mention
Joy Kim, 2011 Honorable Mention
Jeff Rasley, 2011 Honorable Mention
Colin Scott, 2011 Honorable Mention
Justine Sherry, 2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Winner
Rita Sodt, 2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Eric Kimbrel, 2010 Honorable Mention
Julia Schwarz, 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Jessica Leung, 2009 Honorable Mention
David Tepper,
2008 Honorable Mention
Dana Wen, 2008 Honorable Mention
Sam Whittle, 2008 Honorable Mention
Benjamin Hindman,
2007 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Robert Carroll, 2007 Honorable Mention
Daria Craciunoiu,
2007 Honorable Mention
Jenny Yuen
, 2006 Outstanding Undergraduate Winner
Jonathan Su, 2006 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Krista Davis, 2006 Honorable Mention
Benjamin Hindman, 2006 Honorable Mention
Cary Cherng, 2005 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Beau Crawford, 2005 Honorable Mention
Jenny Yuen, 2005 Honorable Mention
Amanda Askew, 2004 Honorable Mention
Christopher Bradley, 2004 Honorable Mention
David Dewey, 2004 Honorable Mention
Crystal Hoyer, 2004 Honorable Mention
Erin Earl, 2003 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Colin Bleckner, 2003 Honorable Mention
Samson Kwong, 2003 Honorable Mention
Youngji Kim, 2003 Honorable Mention
Sara Su, 2002 Outstanding Undergraduate Finalist
Shirley Gaw, 2002 Honorable Mention
Kevin Zatloukal, 2001 Outstanding Undergraduate Winner
Matthew Rosencrantz, 2001 Honorable Mention
Steve Zhang, 2001 Honorable Mention
Emma Brunskill, 2000 Outstanding Undergraduate Runner-Up
Adnan Sulejmanpasic, 2000 Honorable Mention
Corin Anderson, 1996 Outstanding Undergraduate Runner-Up
Tina Wong, 1995 Honorable Mention