Graduating soon? Hey, congratulations! We couldn't be more proud. The following is a brief overview of what happens to your login accounts, files, etc, and advice on how to smooth that transition to the professional realm. Note that this page pertains to graduating students only. Others, like staff, faculty, or visitors should refer to leaving CSE.

Login Accounts and Home Directory Files

CSE computer login accounts (attu, etc) for students who graduate from CSE are kept active for approximately one quarter beyond the quarter in which they graduate. During that three-month period, we strongly encourage you to move/archive any data you deem important to your CSE Google Drive.

Currently, CSE Google Drive is the only networked storage that will persist after graduating. And as you also might recall, it now lacks any quota.

You'll receive an email warning 2 weeks prior to expiration. But DON'T wait until then to act.

Your Cloud Email Lives On (...and so does your Google Drive)

After your CSE account has expired, we will continue to route mail sent to your original CSE email address indefinitely.

Note: this is different than your UW managed email accounts which will be removed after graduations. See: for UW's service policy

If you are using a CSE cloud service provider for your email (that is, either Office 365 or Gmail via CSE Google Apps Education Edition), nothing will change. We will keep your email account alive indefinitely. You need do nothing.

Want to forward to another address? There are ways to configure forwarding yourself with both Cloud providers. See Forwarding instructions for Gmail and Forwarding instructions for Office 365

In any event, your original CSE account name will be preserved indefinitely.

Your CSE GitLab Projects

Three months following graduation (presuming Spring graduation), CSE GitLab user accounts will be disabled and all projects in your personal namespace archived (changed to read-only). Archived projects are subject to removal six months after graduation for disk space recovery.

If you have a project in your personal namespace which will be used by others after you graduate, please transfer that project to a different namespace via the GitLab web interface.

Your CSE MyPortfolio Profile

CSE MyPortfolio profiles for recent graduates will be maintained indefinitely. Three months following graduation, your profile will be tagged as "Alumni" to affiliate partners

Web Forwarding

If by chance, you would like your CSE personal home page URL redirected externally after leaving. Please send email to support@cs specifying the external URL you wish your previous URL to redirect to.

CSE Alumni Resources

A collection of resources and information available to all CSE Alumni is gathered on the Alumni pages.