Graduating soon? Congratulations! We couldn't be more proud. The following is a brief overview of what happens to your login accounts, files, etc, and advice on how to smooth that transition to the professional realm. Note that this page pertains to graduating students only. Others, like staff, faculty, or visitors should refer to leaving CSE.

What Do I Need to Know?

CSE Account and Local CSE Account Data

Your CSE account, computer login accounts (attu, etc.), home directory data, and access to most resources will be removed one quarter after graduation. During that three-month period, we strongly encourage you to move/archive any data you deem important to personal storage. You'll receive an email warning 4 weeks prior to expiration. But we recommend not waiting to act. Transferring large amounts of data (such as with the Google Takeout Transfer tool) can sometimes take weeks to complete.

CSE Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

After graduation your UW NetID may be unenrolled from 2FA, possibly resulting in delays accessing your CSE account (which depends on this service). If you experience issues accessing your account, please email support@cs for assistance.

Email and Cloud Data

As of June 2021, Google has announced dramatic changes to their global Education platform. Due to these changes we are no longer able to accommodate cloud accounts for Allen School Alumni (Gmail, Drive and other services). We advise that you take steps to preserve and migrate your data as soon as you can.

Your CSE Cloud accounts will remain active for at least one quarter following graduation to allow time for you to migrate content. During the second quarter after graduation, your Cloud accounts will be suspended and no longer accessible. At the end of the second quarter after graduation, at least 30 days after account suspension, all Cloud account data will be permanently deleted.

You can read more about these changes on our CSE Cloud Changes page.

CSE GitLab Projects

Three months following graduation (presuming Spring graduation), CSE GitLab user accounts will be disabled and all projects in your personal namespace archived (changed to read-only). Archived projects are subject to removal six months after graduation for disk space recovery.

If you have a project in your personal namespace which will be used by others after you graduate, please transfer that project to a different namespace via the GitLab web interface.

What Do I Need to Do?

Set your CSE Email Forwarding

Use our self-service forwarding tool ( to forward your @cs email address to a personal account before account expiration. Once your account does expire, you will no longer be able to “send mail as” using our smtp service.

We will route and forward mail sent to your original CSE email address indefinitely to the external email address you supply. Your original CSE account name will also be preserved indefinitely.

Note: This change will now align with UW's policy on cloud accounts following graduation. See: for UW's service policy.

Migrate Your Cloud/Local Data

Personal Data

You can use Google Takeout Transfer to migrate your Google drive, email, or other content to a different Google account. Depending on the amount of data you are transferring, this process can take a week or more to complete. For additional Cloud-related migration options, including migration of O365 account data see Migrate UW Google or UW Microsoft Content, and choose your CSE Google or CSE Microsoft account when transferring your data (perhaps in addition to your UW Google and UW Microsoft accounts, if relevant).

Research/Shared Data

Transfer ownership of Cloud data that is still used/needed by others at CSE (e.g. fellow researchers, lab, etc.), either to another's account, Shared Cloud Drive, or on-site project space. If you have a significant amount of data and are not sure where/how to transfer it before your account expires, email support@cs and CC any relevant parties (e.g. your faculty PI or lab manager).

Web Forwarding

If you would like your CSE personal home page URL redirected externally after leaving, email support@cs with subject "Home page forwarding request" or use the following link to Request CSE Web Forwarding, specifying the external URL you'd like your personal home page redirected to.

CSE Alumni Resources

A collection of resources and information available to all CSE Alumni is gathered on the Alumni pages.