New Equipment on Order?

Visit our New Equipment page to learn about what the process looks like, and when you can get your equipment!

Reserve Loaner Equipment

LaptopSupport maintains a loaner pool of computing and presentation equipment that can be reserved via the CSE Reservation System. We have laptops, netbooks, projectors, digital cameras (still and video), various display adapters, network firewalls and more.  All are available for short-term checkout (<7 days) by Allen School faculty, staff, graduate students, and TA's.

Things to note when reserving CSE loaner pool items:

  • Items may be picked up/returned at the Support office (rm 207) during business hours, 9am-5pm M-F.
  • The first date/time in the range you specify in your reservation is the time you plan to pick up the equipment; the last date/time is the time you plan to return it. If your pickup/dropoff time is during our daily schedule, we will make every effort to ensure someone is in the office from 10 minutes before to after the pickup and dropoff times you have chosen, or we will notify you that items will need to be picked up or dropped off at different times. If you need to pick up or return the equipment at times different from those you originally specified, please let us know in an email.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the projectors, a laptop or other equip., please allow time to go over questions with Support staff at time of check-out.
  • You are responsible for making sure the equipment works in the environment in which you intend to use it.  We of course cannot guarantee that everything will work as you want at your destination.  We strive to keep portable equipment in stable working order, up-to-date in terms of software and OS patches, but because of often tight turn-around times we cannot always ensure that batteries have been charged (on portables).  If you have concerns please allow for lead time in your reservation for testing. 
  • You are responsible for the safe and operational return of items borrowed from Support in a timely fashion.  You will sign an itemized list of components for each item borrowed at the time of check-out. 
  • It is our routine to frequently wipe/reinstall the software image on loaner netbooks when they return following loan, but sometime they come and go so quick that we just don't get the chance to do that.  That said, it would be recommended that a user delete ANY and ALL local data created during their time of use that they do not wish others to see.  By the same token, be sure to save any data of importance to alternate media that one wishes to preserve.

Procurement Assistance & Institutional Pricing on Hardware

The University has preferred vendor contracts with HP (via CDW-G) as well as special institutional pricing through Dell Premier.  If you are a member of the CSE community, please contact support@cs for assistance with a desktop or server spec, or to find out if there is discounted pricing available for the hardware you're interested in.

Personal Purchases - Special Deals on Hardware for members of CSE

Several companies provide special deals to CSE students, faculty and staff for personal use. Special terms and conditions do apply!
Dell Corporation The Dell University Program allows personal purchases for UW students, staff and faculty with discounts similar to the contract prices available to UW, including special promotional items. Another advantage of making personal purchases through this program is that you will be able to utilize the same Dell customer support group that supports UW. For personal purchases, enter the UW Student/Employee Dell Store. Or click here for departmental purchases.

Note: The MemberID to use is US33386424. You may be asked to establish a 'personal profile' the first time you enter the store; to do this, use userid "uw" and password "huskies".

Apple Computer

Apple Computer offers special discounts on selected hardware for personal purchase by CSE students, staff and faculty, as well as for departmental purchases. The items available at special discount change periodically. Discounted Apple hardware can be purchased from Apple or from the University Bookstore's Tech Center.