New laptop or desktop? Maybe a fancy new monitor? Or just needing an OS refresh?

Equipment Ordering/Tagging

If you (or someone else) has ordered a new piece of equipment purchased with University funds, you should be following the instructions on How to Buy Equipment and shipping the item to CSE Receiving. From there the item will be tagged in accordance with our Equipment Tracking and Tagging Policy.

Once that’s been completed, you (and/or the purchaser) will receive an email about the equipment. New computing equipment is usually imaged and set up on the physical network (if applicable).

OS/Software Installation and PC Set-Up

Please fill out the PC Installation Request Form to let us know what OS and type of configuration you’d like for your machine.

Connecting to the Network

If you’re just looking to get your device connected to the network, please visit our Networking Page.

User-Managed Equipment

Planning to self-administer your device once it's set up? Review our Self-Administration equipment policy on our Lab Policies and Guidelines page.

New Grad Equipment

If you’re a new grad, additional information on equipment provided by the school can be found on our Policy on computing equipment provided for grads page.

How to get the New Equipment?

Once your device has been tagged, imaged (if appropriate), and registered on the network (also, if appropriate), we’ll send you an email that it’s ready to be picked up from our Help Desk.

Other helpful links for your new device: