About the Reservation System

The CSE Reservation System allows Allen School students, faculty, and staff to reserve rooms in the Allen Center and Gates Center, as well as equipment such as laptops, projectors, cameras, and microphones.

You can visit it at: https://reserve.cs.washington.edu


Please note that permissions are different between CSE and UW Netids. If you have a CSE Netid, you will want to make sure you are logged in with it. You can check this by looking in the upper righthand corner of the screen, which displays your currently logged-in email address. If you see username@washington.edu rather than username@cs.washington.edu, you will either need to open the reservation system in a private browser window and select the 'CSE Netid' sign in option, or sign out completely from your UW Netid, close your browser, and then re-open it.

Logged in with UW Netid:

Image of a user logged in with their UW Netid, which displays as username@washington.edu in the reservation system


Logged in with CSE Netid:

Image of a user logged in with their CSE Netid, which displays as username@cs.washington.edu in the reservation system


If you have verified that you are signed in with your CSE Netid, and still don't have access, please contact support@cs.

If you have another question or are experiencing an issue with this system, try reading through the FAQ, or contact support@cs