This page contains videos from 2016 or before and is no longer updated. To view the latest videos featuring Allen School research, events, and course content, please visit our YouTube channel.
I Am CSE: Ricardo Martin-Brualla, Winter 2016 MP4 Captioned MP4 YouTube
graphic illustrating time time-lapsing mining from Internet photos UW CSE graduate student Ricardo Martin-Brualla presents time-lapse mining from internet photos – a new approach for synthesizing time-lapse videos of popular landmarks developed by UW's GRAIL group in collaboration with Google. The project leverages the vast quantity of photos available online to show the sometimes dramatic changes in the world's most popular natural sites and skylines.
I Am CSE: Rajalakshmi Nandakumar, Winter 2016 MP4 Captioned MP4 YouTube
graphic illustrating how ApneaApp works using sonar

UW CSE graduate student Rajalakshmi Nandakumar demonstrates ApneaApp, a low-cost, non-invasive smartphone app for detecting sleep apnea — a potentially life-threatening condition that affects more than 25 million people in the United States alone. The app turns the smartphone into an active sonar system to track changes in a person’s breathing patterns. ApneaApp was shown to be 95 to 99 percent accurate in tracking respiratory events compared to the more costly — and much less convenient — intensive polysomnography test that is the standard method for diagnosing sleep apnea.

I Am CSE: Alex Mariakakis, Winter 2016 MP4 Captioned MP4 YouTube
Comparison of fist: image taken with a normal camera (left), HyperCam images (right)

UW CSE graduate student Alex Mariakakis presents HyperCam, a new, low-cost hyperspectral camera developed by UW's UbiComp Lab in collaboration with Microsoft Research. HyperCam is capable of capturing details beneath the surface and unseen by the naked eye. Unlike existing hyperspectral imaging systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, HyperCam comes in at around $800 and could cost as little as $50 to incorporate into a mobile phone, with potential applications in food quality monitoring, biometric security, gaming, and health sensing.

I Am CSE: Zachary Tatlock & Emina Torlak, Winter 2016 MP4 Captioned MP4 YouTube
Neutrons Project graphic

UW CSE professors Zach Tatlock and Emina Torlak discuss their research in software verification to ensure that programs for the operation of safety-critical systems do not contain potentially life-threatening errors. With the Neutrons Project, our researchers are making the control software for radiotherapy devices safer and more reliable by preventing errors that could lead to an overdose of patients undergoing cancer treatment. Their ongoing research has the potential to improve a variety of safety-critical systems across the country.

UW CSE Hour of Code 2015, December 2015 YouTube
screen shot from Hour of Code tutorial UW CSE organized a series of activities on campus during Computer Science Education Week 2015 to promote participation in the Hour of Code, an annual event organized by to inspire people of all ages to try computer programming. More than 400 people from the extended UW family -- including students, their friends and relatives, and even UW President Ana Mari Cauce -- participated in CSE's Hour of Code festivities throughout the week.
Animation Capstone Overview, CSE460, Spring 2015 HTML5 MP4 YouTube
Fish Out of Water In this year long series of capstone courses, students design and create a short animated film using a diverse set of interdisciplinary skills. From the skills learned in each course, students learn about story development and technical testing. After the foundation and pre-production phases are completed, students move on to production, followed by polish and post. We try to accomplish in one academic year what would take two to three years in industry.
UW CSE Graduation Ceremony 2015, June 2015 HTML5 MP4
CSE logo UW CSE's graduation ceremony, June 2015.
Sound Capstone, CSE481, Winter 2015 MP4 YouTube
Sound Capston Sound capstone students build projects by utilizing computer audio techniques for human interfacing, sound recording and playback, encoding and decoding, synchronization, sound synthesis, recognition, and analysis and resynthesis. Here are some of the projects students created.
Advanced Internet Systems, CSE 454, Winter 2015 MP4 YouTube
Advanced Internet Systems capston

Just as the Internet evolves quickly, each Advanced Internet Systems capstone is a bit different. This year the course covers crowdsourcing and social computing in addition to Internet search, focused on information extraction. The majority of the time is spent on small group projects that each team chooses.

I Am CSE: Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Winter 2015 MP4 Captioned MP4 YouTube
Ira Kemelmacher-Shilzerman describes illumination-aware age progression software I Am CSE is a series of short videos, featuring a UW CSE graduate student, postdoc, or faculty member discussing his or her cutting-edge research. In this video, UW CSE professor Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman talks about illumination-aware age progression software, which automatically renders images of a child's face at multiple ages throughout his/her lifetime.