CSE 478
Areas of interest: 

Human computer interaction, sustainability, computers and civic engagement, designing for human values, constraint-based languages and systems


Nothing in the last couple of years, as I more seriously retire. For Spring 2019 I organized CSE 591y, “Surveillance Capitalism Reading Seminar”.

Here are web pages for some selected courses I've taught in the last several years before that:

  • CSE 341: Programming Languages (Spring 2018, plus various prior quarters)
  • CSE 440: HCI (Autumn 2011)
  • CSE 481h: Accessibility Capstone (Winter 2012)
  • CSE 510: Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction (Spring 2014)
  • CSEP 510: Human-Computer Interaction (PMP program, Autumn 2013)
  • CSE 599f1: Constraint Programming (Winter 2017)
  • CSE 599p: Value Sensitive Design (Autumn 2009)