CSE 478
Areas of interest: 

Human computer interaction, sustainability, computers and civic engagement, designing for human values, constraint-based languages and systems

Ph.D. Students Graduated

  • Jeffrey Scofield, “Editing as a Paradigm for User Interaction,” August 1985
  • Robert Duisberg, “Constraint-Based Animation: The Implementation of Temporal Constraints in the Animus System,” August 1986
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, “Constraint Imperative Programming,” July 1991
  • John Maloney, “Using Constraints for User Interface Construction,” August 1991
  • Molly Wilson, “Hierarchical Constraint Logic Programming,” April 1993
  • Michael Sannella, “Constraint Satisfaction and Debugging for Interactive User Interfaces,” August 1994
  • Gustavo Lopez, “The Design and Implementation of Kaleidoscope, A Constraint Imperative Programming Language,” April 1997
  • Greg Badros, “Extending Interactive Graphical Applications with Constraints,” June 2000
  • L. Denise Pinnel Salisbury, “Automatic Visual Display Design and Creation,” July 2001
  • A.J. Bernheim Brush, “Annotating Digital Documents for Asynchronous Collaboration,” September 2002
  • Michael Noth, “Exploding Java Objects for Performance,” October 2003
  • Janet Davis, “Value Sensitive Design of Interactions with UrbanSim Indicators,” August 2006
  • Kate Deibel, “Understanding and Supporting the Adoption of Assistive Technologies by Adults with Reading Disabilities,” January 2011
  • Brian Ferris, “OneBusAway: Improving the Usability of Public Transit,” July 2011
  • Travis Kriplean, “Encouraging Reflective Discussion on the Web,” December 2011