Luke Zettlemoyer



Former Group Members

  • Yoav Artzi (PhD, 2015; Situated Understanding and Learning of Natural Language; Assistant Professor, Cornell)
  • Dan Garrette (Postdoc, 2016; Google Research NYC)
  • Raphael Hoffmann (PhD, 2012; Interactive Learning of Relation Extractors with Weak Supervision; Co-advised with Dan Weld; Stealth startup)
  • ChloĆ© Kiddon (PhD, 2016; Learning to Interpret and Generate Instructional Recipes; Co-advised with Yejin Choi; Google, Seattle)
  • Tom Kwiatkowski (Postdoc, 2014; Google Research NYC)
  • Mike Lewis (Postdoc, 2016; Facebook AI Research)
  • Cynthia Matuszek (PhD, 2014; Talking to Robots: Learning to Ground Human Language in Perception and Execution; Co-advised with Dieter Fox; Assistant Professor, UMBC)
  • Sameer Singh (Postdoc, 2016; Assistant Professor, UC Irvine)
  • Adrienne Wang (PhD, 2015; CCG Grammar Induction for Accurate and Efficient Parsing)