CSE 474
Areas of interest: 

Computational neuroscience, humanoid robotics, brain-computer interfaces

Accelerating Imitation Learning through Crowdsourcing

M. Chung, M. Forbes, M. Cakmak, R.P.N. RaoIEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) , 2014.

Probabilistic co-adaptive brain–computer interfacing

M.J. Bryan, S.A. Martin, W. Cheung, R.P.N. RaoJournal of Neural Engineering  10 :6 , 2013.

Distributed cortical adaptation during learning of a brain–computer interface task

J.D. Wander, T. Blakely, K.J. Miller, K.E. Weaver, L.A. Johnson, J.D. Olson, E.E. Fetz, R.P.N. Rao, J.G. OjemannPNAS , 2013.

Cortically-Derived Error-Signals During BCI Use

J.D. Wander, J.D. Olson, J.G. Ojemann, R.P.N. RaoFifth International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting , 2013.

Automatic extraction of command hierarchies for adaptive brain-robot interfacing

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Interactive Hierarchical Brain-Computer Interfacing: Uncertainty-Based Interaction between Humans and Robots

M. Chung, M. Bryan, W. Cheung, R. Scherer, R.P.N. RaoFifth International Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2011 (BCI2011) , 2011.

Gaze Following as Goal Inference: A Bayesian Model

A. Friesen, R. RaoConference of the Cognitive Science Society , 2011.

A Hierarchical Architecture for Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfacing

Mike Chung, W. Cheung, R. Scherer, R. RaoInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence , 2011.

Predictive Coding

Y. Huang, R. RaoWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews , 2011.

An Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface for Humanoid Robot Control

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A rational decision making framework for inhibitory control

P. Shenoy, R. Rao, A. YuAnnual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems , 2010.

Imitation Learning with Hierarchical Actions

A. Friesen, R. RaoIEEE International Conference on Development and Learning , 2010.