UW Timesheet

Undergraduate TAs must keep track of and submit their hours worked with the UW online timesheet.

Entering Time on UW Timesheet

  • Log into Employee Self-Service (ESS) https://prp.admin.washington.edu/ess/uwnetid/home.aspx
  • Click the Timesheet link.
  • Enter the hours worked for the pay period.
  • Include any notes that you wish to show your department using the Add a Note feature. Remember: Once notes are added and saved, they become a permanent record of the timesheet.   Both you and your approver have the ability to add notes to your timesheet.
  • Submit your UW Timesheet to your department by the established due date at the top of the timesheet.
  • After you submit your timesheet, your approver will review your entries. If approved, your timesheet will be sent to your payroll coordinator for payment. If your approver rejects your timesheet, you will need to correct your timesheet and resubmit.

Be sure to report all the time you spend on your TA duties: attending lectures, grading, office hours, prep time, meetings, etc. Undergraduates are limited to working a maximum of 19.5 hours per week for ALL their UW jobs. Contact Pim if you feel your job requires more than 19.5 hours/week.

Due Dates for Submission of Timesheets

are the 15th and the 30th/31st of each month.  You will receive a reminder email when it comes time to do this.