About the Ambassador role

CSE outreach ambassadors

Allen School Ambassadors conduct CS outreach to K-12 students, on the UW campus and by visiting schools and community groups. Activities are outlined below. While we connect with all kinds of students through outreach, we try to focus on students from underrepresented backgrounds and students who do not have prior CS experience.

Ambassadors work in teams to design the curriculum and content of their activities, as well as deliver it to students. Ambassadors should be motivated, enthusiastic about CS, and able to work well with a diverse range of pre-college students.


What We Do

We represent the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering in K-12 outreach and recruitment efforts. We work on all aspects of CSE outreach to younger students. Below is a brief highlight of what we have done in the past year!

  • Workshops

    We host a variety of 3-4 hour long workshops on Saturdays throughout the school year at the Allen Center. These workshops are typically an introduction to programming for students with little to no experience.

  • Activities

    We have developed and adapted small-scale, "portable" activities which can be tailored to a variety of environments. These activities are usually used in temporary spaces such as STEM nights, classroom visits and tours and are typically an introduction to computer science concepts.

  • Presentation and Panel Discussions

    We have presentations that range from informing about Computer Science & Engineering as a field, UW CSE specifically and why CSE rocks! We speak about undergraduate research, internships, RSOs at UW CSE and more. We usually present and have a panel discussion at career fairs or classroom visits.

  • Tours

    We offer tours of the Allen Center throughout the school year for groups of all sizes.

Meet Our Ambassadors 

Laura DeBoldt

Laura is a junior at UW studying computer science. She grew up in the Seattle area and loves it here! In high school, doing outreach taught her a lot about how diverse experiences can be in the CS field and how impactful it can be to introduce potential passions to others (shoutout to her women at WATT!). She’s excited to be meeting and engaging with amazing people through outreach while at UW. In her spare time, she likes watercolor painting, hiking, and binging Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

Simplicio DeLeon

Simplicio is in his third year of Computer Engineering. He’s from a small town in Central Washington called Harrah (population about 650). He developed an interest in technology when he started doing robotics in his high school science club where he started off as the team programmer and eventually did both programming and building/design. He enjoys programming projects but has his most fun when he gets to play with sensors and hardware which explains his interest in robotics and the Internet of Things. He became an ambassador because he loves volunteering in education and believes it is important to have more diversity in STEM. Outside of the tech and academic worlds he loves to dance and play video games.

Rachel Ye

Rachel is currently a freshman studying Computer Science. She grew up in Bellevue, WA. She discovered computer science in early high school through the programming subgroup in the robotics club. Since then, she has been heavily involved in STEM outreach through Girls Who Code and the Ambassador program. She’s also involved in undergrad research at the Allen School. Some of her hobbies include traveling, binging Netflix, and going on fun hikes in the summer!

Libby Knell

Libby is a computer science major and education, learning and society minor. Born and raised in 20 minutes north of Seattle, she took her first computer science class in college. Libby is extremely interested in exploring how education can be aided by technology, whether it be personalizing a learner’s experience or making education more accessible to marginalized groups and hopes to eventually work on projects that sit at the intersection of the two disciplines. Outside of the classroom, she likes going to morning yoga and eating sushi!

Jacque Li

Jacque is currently a junior in CSE, and though she grew up in the Seattle area, it wasn’t until she came to the UW that she found her love for the mountains around us (she tries to spend as much time outdoors as she can!) - oh, and her love for computer science. Her first time coding was at the end of her first year in college, and she immediately fell in love, wishing that she had learned about CS sooner… which, fortunately, has brought her to become a part of this ambassador community! Having grown up with no direct exposure to anything or anyone involved in CS, she’s realized just how powerful it can be to simply see the impacts of CSE with your own eyes, and is beyond excited to help open these doors to others!

Geovani Castro

Geovani is a junior studying Computer Science. He’s really passionate about empowering underprivileged students that come from a similar background to him. He didn’t start coding until sophomore year of college, yet he saw a lot of great resources within CS. Although he’s never really been too interested in CS, what fascinates him about it is that there are so many areas outside of STEM to apply programming principles. He’s not the best at coding either but loves doing things that have never been done before, such as combining philosophy, theology, graphic design and programming logic into streetwear design. This is part of the reason why he wants to stress to the students that we outreach to that you don’t need to love programming to enjoy being in CSE, that rather bringing your other interests into the major makes it an even more enjoyable and unique experience. Some of his other interests include cooking, playing the guitar, and anything music/art related.

Luke Levasseur

Luke is a sophomore CS major and Entrepreneurship minor from the heart of Seattle, Washington. He became interested in Computer Science after taking a course in MIT’s Scratch his sophomore year of high school, and considers himself one of the biggest names in Scratch programming on the West Coast. He is very passionate about the diversification of the CS program at UW. In his free time, Luke enjoys playing Spikeball and watching Daniel Vogelbach hit dingers for the Seattle Mariners!

Linda Vong

Linda is from the Beacon Hill neighborhood of South Seattle. She loves eating basically anything, hiking, and watercoloring (badly). She’s a sophomore at UW majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Education, Learning, & Society. CS actually didn’t appeal to her at all until partway through her first year of college when she learned about educational technology as a concept for the first time. Now, she enjoys learning about different ways that tech may have a place in addressing all types of things, including education, climate change, global health, unconscious bias, and even some of the issues tech has contributed to. She’s a strong believer that the people creating tech need to be more representative of the people using tech. She’s interested in collaboratively exploring and sharing about the ways that tech can become more ethical, equitable, and accessible to have a positive impact on society

Eunia Lee

Eunia is a sophomore studying computer science originally from Sammamish, Washington. She first took a introductory computer science class in high school that taught concepts using Scratch. At the UW, she focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion through K-12 computer science education.  Usually, you can find her in the Gates Center labs for our undergraduates working on homework or getting bubble tea on the Ave. She’s passionate about Grey’s Anatomy, avocados and pointers.

Alex Banh

Alex is a senior currently studying computer science. He was born in North Carolina but his family moved to Lynnwood when he was in third grade. He’s been with the outreach team for about 2 years and is passionate about making tech equitable, diverse, and accessible to all students. Within his academics, he’s interested in Human-Computer Interaction, User-Centered Design, and Visual Design! Outside he’s interested in photography, cooking, and musical theater. He’s performed in a musical pit orchestra for 5 musicals and is currently rehearsing for his first appearance in a musical cast! After college, he hopes to fly in some way and then eventually work his way into NASA’s astronaut program.

Chris Kang

Chris is a freshman currently studying computer science. He loves working with kids and identifying projects that capture the beauty of CS (two words: problem solving!). He also loves researching and mathematics; current projects are on machine learning and quantum computing. In his free time, Chris reads, practices violin, and plays strategy video games. He also likes to try new food with friends!

Cheng Ni

Cheng is a graduating junior starting her combined MS/BS next year. She was born and raised in Beijing, China. She is also the secretary of ACM so you might see her at the check-in table or running around at ACM events. She likes outdoor running, coffee shop hunting and sushi. She took her first ever computer science class at UW so she wants to work as an ambassador to introduce CS to more K-12 students. Especially, she’s very passionate about getting young girls excited about technology and programming.


The application is currently closed.

All students in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering are able to apply. No advanced Computer Science or teaching background is required