CSE 576
Areas of interest: 

Computer architecture, machine learning systems, programming languages, energy-efficient computing, molecular storage and computing.

I have the pleasure of working with the following incredible graduate students. They are the joy of my life at UW:

James Bornholt (primarily advised by Emina Torlak)
Tianqi Chen (w/ Carlos Guestrin)
Ming Liu (primarily advised by Arvind Krishnamurthy)
Liang Luo
Amrita Mazumdar
Lee Organick (w/ Karin Strauss)
Pratyush Patel
Kendall Stewart(w/ Karin Strauss and Georg Seelig)
Gus Smith
Chien-Yu Lin (w/ Michael Taylor)
Eddie Yan
Max Willsey
Meghan Cowan
Ziheng Jiang
Luis Vega
Melissa Queen

Vincent Lee (PhD'19, now at Facebook)
Thierry Moreau Armin Alaghi (postdoc, now at Oculus Research)
Djordje Jevdjic (postoc, now faculty atu SNU)
Artem Miniyaylov
Brandon Holt (PhD'16, now at Apple)
Adrian Sampson (PhD'15, now faculty at Cornell)
Ben Wood (PhD'15, now faculty at Wellesley)
Jacob Nelson (PhD'14, now at MSR)
Ben Ransford (now co-founder of Virta Labs)
Peter Hornyack (MS'14, now at Google)
Andre Baixo (MS'15, now at ARM)
Katelin Bailey (MS'15, now at Microsoft)
Tom Bergan (PhD'14, now at Google)
Mike Ringenburg (PhD'14, now at Cray)
Nick Hunt (MS'12)
Hadi Emaseilzadeh (PhD'13, now faculty at Georgia Tech)
Brandon Lucia (PhD'13, now faculty at CMU)
Joe Devietti (PhD'12, now faculty at UPenn)
Emily Fortuna (MS'11, first employment: Google)
Owen Anderson (MS'10, first employment: Apple)
Julian Knutsen (BS'10, first employment: Corensic)
Angda (Andy) Chen (BS'08 Honors, first employment: Amazon)
Danushen Gnanapragasam
Andrew Morgan