CSE 638
Areas of interest: 

Liveness in programming environments, programming for virtual reality, educational technology, collaborative problem-solving environments

Collaborative Problem-Solving Environments

A collaborative problem-solving environment is a place, typically a website, where users can come to pose and solve problems together. Some problems are simply puzzles, like the well-known Towers of Hanoi. Others are like games in which some score is to be maximized; CitySim, developed by graduate student Tyler Robison is one example. Other kinds of problems, such as color scheme design for interior decorating, involve aesthetic judgments. With tools specifically designed to support problem solving, design, and the sorts of communication particular to those processes,

Assessment of Learning on Tablets

Tablets such as the iPad afford a new mode of writing using touch. How students can best learn to write with such new tools is one of many questions facing educational technology researchers. Our work focuses on the means to assess stroke formation as well as higher-level writing skills within this context.