CSE 638
Areas of interest: 

Liveness in programming environments, programming for virtual reality, educational technology, collaborative problem-solving environments

The Creativity Game: A Game for Teaching First Steps of Theoretical Creativity

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Five Futures with AI Coding Agents

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Three Tiers of Gamification in a College Course on Problem Solving for Global Challenges

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Integrating a Live Programming Role into Games

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Multiagent Live Programming Systems: Models and Prospects for Critical Applications

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Patterns of Blocks Programming: Insights into Novices' Learning Behavior

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Collaborative Problem-Solving Technologies: A Taxonomy of Issues

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Challenges for Livecoding via Acoustic Pianos

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Effective instruction for persisting dyslexia in upper grades: Adding hope stories and computer coding to explicit literacy instruction

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Liveness becomes Entelechy - A scheme for L6

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Children’s Storytelling and Coding: Literature Review and Future Potential

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Coding, Reading and Writing: Integrated Instruction in Written Language

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Relationships between Language Input and Letter Output Modes in Writing Notes and Summaries for Students in Grades 4 to 9 with Persisting Writing Disabilities

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Idea units in notes and summaries for read texts by keyboard and pencil in middle childhood students with specific learning disabilities: Cognitive and brain findings

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Computerized writing and reading instruction for students in grades 4 to 9 with specific learning disabilities affecting written language.

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Solving problems by drawing solution paths (recipient of the Best Showpiece Award)

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Livesolving: Enabling collaborative problem solvers to perform at full capacity

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Design Studies for Stylus and Finger-Based Interaction in Writing Instruction on Tablets

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Should Your 8-year-old Learn Coding?

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A Perspective on the Evolution of Live Programming (Keynote)

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CoSolve: A System for Engaging Users in Computer-Supported Collaborative Problem Solving

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Seeing and Hearing Design: Exploring How Visual Representations and Sound Tracks Could Be Used to Teach Design

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Analyzing a Process of Collaborative Game Design Involving Online Tools

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A game-building environment for research in collaborative design

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Student consistency and implications for feedback in online assessment systems

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Faring with Facets: Building and Using Databases of Student Misconceptions

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Welcome Message

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The Etruscan Room: Querying the Internet with images.

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Application of a transparent interface methodology to image processing

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Sequential input graphical model assessment diagrams for analysis of student activity data

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Improving the Prospects for Educational Data Mining

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A Framework for Automated Diagram Assessment in Online Learning

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A transparent interface to statespace search programs

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Introduction to Python for Arti cial Intelligence

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Text classification rule induction in the presence of domain-specific expression forms

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Dimensions of transparency in open learner models

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Automatic textual feedback for guided inquiry learning

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Programming in a Data Factory

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Text forum features for small group discussions with facet-based pedagogy

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