CSE 646
Areas of interest: 

Distributed systems, networks, operating systems, security, parallel computing, education

Specific projects I've worked on include (more recent at the bottom):

  • Scheduler activations, operating system support for multiprocessors
  • Lightweight remote procedure call (LRPC)
  • DEC SRC's AN2, one of the earliest gigabit LAN switches
  • Software-based fault isolation
  • MemSpy a system for tuning memory system performance
  • The Berkeley Network of Workstations (NOW) clusters project
  • xFS, a scalable distributed file system
  • IRAM, a project integrating on-chip DRAM and logic
  • Eraser, a tool for finding race conditions in concurrent programs
  • WebOS, system support for wide area applications
  •, system support for pervasive applications
  • The Active Names system for extensible Internet protocols
  • The Detour project for intelligent overlay routing
  • Reverse engineering of the Internet topology, with Rocketfuel, Scriptroute, iPlane, iPlane nano, and Hubble
  • Planetlab, a worldwide networking and distributed systems research testbed
  • PCP, low-latency, high bandwidth, zero packet loss TCP congestion control
  • Solutions to Internet denial of service (network capabilities, TVA, and Phalanx)
  • Consensus routing, eliminating convergence blackouts in BGP routing
  • Reverse traceroute, diagnosing problems on reverse Internet paths
  • BitTyrant, a strategic BitTorrent client
  • OneSwarm, a system for high performance and privacy preserving data sharing
  • Nachos, a popular project for teaching undergraduate operating systems