CSE 646
Areas of interest: 

Distributed systems, networks, operating systems, security, parallel computing, education

One of the great things about doing computer science research for a living is that you get to work with really smart people, and you get to learn a lot at the same time. Both at UW (where I was a graduate student) and Berkeley (where I taught in the early 90's), and now back again at UW (where I returned for the weather), I have worked with a stellar group of colleagues and students, full of energy, insight and fresh ideas. Almost all the results we have had together are really due to them.

Current students

Graduated students and post-docs

A test of a good advisor is how well their students do after they graduate: seven of my students have received tenure (so far), several have won the prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship, three have won teaching awards, and collectively, they have graduated more than 55 Ph.D. students.

  • Ivan Beschastnikh (Assistant Professor, UBC)
  • Justin Cappos (Assistant Professor, NYU Poly)
  • Dave Choffnes (Assistant Professor, Northeastern)
  • Mike Dahlin (Google, previously Professor, UT Austin)
    Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 2000
    ACM Fellow, 2010
    IEEE Fellow, 2010
    Teaching Excellence Award, University of Texas-Austin College of Natural Sciences, 2011
    Award papers: SOSP 1995, 2005, 2007; WCW 2001, WWW 2001, 2003; USENIX 2007; SASO 2007
    SOSP Program Chair, 2013
  • Colin Dixon (Brocade)
  • Doug Ghormley (Sandia)
  • Harsha Madhyastha (Assistant Professor, Michigan)
  • Dan Halperin (Google)
  • Tomas Isdal (Google)
  • John P. John (Google)
    Cisco Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Ethan Katz-Bassett (Assistant Professor, USC)
    UW CSE Dissertation Award, 2012
  • Ratul Mahajan (Microsoft Research)
    ACM SIGCOMM Rising Star Award, 2009
  • Margaret Martonosi (Professor, Princeton)
    Princeton University Graduate Mentoring Award, 2010
    IEEE Fellow, 2010
    ACM Fellow, 2009
    Howard B. Wentz Award, 1998
  • Jeanna Neefe Matthews (Associate Professor, Clarkson)
    SIGOPS Chair, 2011
  • Simon Peter (Assistant Professor, UT Austin)
  • Mike Piatek (Google)
    Google Distributed Systems Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Drew Roselli (Microsoft)
  • Stefan Savage (Professor, UC San Diego)
    Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship
    Award Papers: USENIX 1996, SOSP 1997, USITS 1999, USENIX Security 2001, DSN 2005, OSDI 2008
  • Colin Scott (Grad student, Berkeley)
    Honorable Mention, CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, 2011
  • Neil Spring (Associate Professor, Maryland)
  • Justine Sherry (Grad student, Berkeley)
    CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, 2010
  • Amin Vahdat (Google, previously SAIC Professor, UC San Diego)
    Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 2003
    Award Papers: OSDI 2000, 2008; USENIX 2002; NSDI 2007
  • Arun Venkataramani (Associate Professor, UMass)
  • Randy Wang (Microsoft Research Asia)
    ACM Eugene Lawler Award, 2007
    Best Teaching Award, Engineering Council, Princeton University, 2000
  • Xiaowei Yang (Associate Professor, Duke)


I have had a great time working with other people's students, including: And I have worked with some great colleagues, most recently: